Cyber Financial Fraud Risk Management


Cyber Financial Fraud Risk Management

Unfortunately, financial fraud is not isolated to one industry or a specific organization. All companies are vulnerable to both insiders and knowledgeable outsiders with malicious intent and the right opportunity, and from the procure-to-pay to the expense reimbursement or payroll systems, control weaknesses exist in every accounting process.

Transaction Data Analysis

Our process involves analyzing transaction dumps and historical data through the use of several sophisticated tools and financial fraud risk management methods including hypothetical fraud scenarios, data models, and advanced data selection queries. Through this process, we are able to uncover anomalies, detect suspicious transactions, and provide you with a practical and easy-to-use set of functions for fraud analysis.

Risk Analysis & Fraud Scenarios

Throughout our analysis, we detect and investigate possible fraud or oversight scenarios involving invoice payments, receivables, and payables; irregularities in cash and bank transactions; vulnerabilities within the ERP or accounting systems; and any other control deficiencies that may result in financial detriment to the company.

Post-investigative Implementation

Once we have identified the risks and vulnerabilities within your organization’s financial processes, we will work with you to correct these issues and implement preventative and detective controls.