Every company should know where its strengths and weaknesses lie. IT operations and infrastructure are no different, you should be able to respond to a cyber-incident, restore operations and minimize damage to assets in a logical manner. This all begins with understanding what exactly you are trying to protect. A Risk Assessment is a great way to determine the value of IT assets, we can say it as IT assets risk assessment. The impact the loss of those assets would have on your business and helps you prioritize the most critical assets.  We can help you understand how and where you store your data, evaluate the security measures that are being utilized and quantify the risk if your system is breached by risk assessment security audits.

Our Action Plan

  1. Assess threats and risks
  2. Assess data center vulnerabilities
  3. Document DRP basics
  4. Assign value to IT assets
  5. Assign prioritization to assets
  6. Determine costs versus risk tradeoff
  7. Maintain risk plans